From the time I first remember sitting at my mother's side and holding the fabric as my mother worked on it, or dressing my dolls with scraps from her cutting table, I loved to sew!  That love has remained with me for the past 60 years and as I look back on my career as a bridal designer and retailer, I can't give it up.  

I still create in my studio, people still come by and bring things to be mended or made. I still have the honor of creating a once-in-a-lifetime dress for her special day. I am a third generation seamstress and designer and owned a well-known and prestigious bridal shop in Northern Utah for many years. I sketched my own designs and had them produced under my direction. I knew many of the top designers personally and carried only the best in my store.

When my husband retired, we closed our brick and mortar store and it has morphed into an online love. We have a warehouse full of beautiful gowns made from fabric and embellishments that far surpasses in quality and workmanship, anything I've seen on the market. As I open each gown that has been waiting for its opportunity, it’s like Christmas every day! The fabrics, the laces, the bead work and the patterning cannot be found in the pages and pages of Chinese knock-off sites with stolen designer pictures and broken English descriptions. How can they possibly be trusted to create your dream dress?

 I still do alterations and custom dresses in my personal studio and I am so saddened when I am asked to fix a disaster so that my client can salvage the dress she ordered from a not-so-great source, trying to save money. I would love to save you the heartache of that experience. Call me, text me, email me, but reach out with questions and comments. How can I make your experience better? How can I help you? How can I make your dreams of your special day come true?